Case Study: Water’s Edge Rehab & Nursing Center at Port Jefferson (June 2020)

Patient’s Name: Blair L.
Patients Age: 48-years-old
Admission Date: 05/20/2020
Discharge Date: 06/10/2020
Discharged to: Home
Length of stay: 21 days
Reason for stay: Covid-19
How did this patient hear about Water’s Edge: Recommended by Mather Hospital

Details of Experience:
After spending nearly two months in the hospital, Mr. L. was ready to start his journey to return home. Blair was admitted to the hospital with Covid-19, which caused a number of complications for him. He was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis earlier in his life, although it never had any visible effect on him and his daily life. After ending up in the hospital, Blair’s multiple sclerosis became a more prominent part of his life. He fell ill, needing to be intubated on two separate occasions, due to acute respiratory failure. He fought a good fight, and when he was ready to be discharged from the hospital, he was recommended to go to a sub-acute rehabilitation center before returning home with his wife.

Upon admission to Water’s Edge Rehabilitation & Nursing Center at Port Jefferson, Blair was greeted by a number of our interdisciplinary staff. He was welcomed at the door by our kind receptionist and escorted to his private room by our admitting nurse.

The day following his admission, Blair was evaluated by physical therapy and occupational therapy. Together, they set goals and plans to get him home with his wife in the safest, quickest way possible. Blair had good potential to get where he wanted to be. He was eager, ambitious, and had the potential to improve in his transfers, balance, ambulation, and endurance with just a little help. Mr. L. came to Water’s Edge needing two people to assist him in all of his daily life functions. Blair worked with his physical therapist by performing seated there, standing there, transfer training, endurance training, and gait training. He also worked with his occupational therapist using therapeutic resistance exercises, and other exercises to help facilitate independence in self-care tasks. The team worked with him on techniques to increase safety for activities of daily living in standing, sequencing, and transferring.

After a long, hard road and twenty-one days at Water’s Edge; Blair was ready to go home. He was now able to complete his activities of daily life with just supervision and was so excited to be going home with his wife. Blair was extremely grateful for his experience and the progress that he made while he was here. The Water’s Edge team is so happy for him and wishes Blair nothing less than a happy and healthy future!