“When I first came here, I was a mess. I couldn’t walk or do anything. Look at me now! The people here are great, they got me where I am today and now I get to go home. I am so grateful.” – K. Fountaine

“It broke my heart to have to give up having my mom with us in our home, but I couldn’t be more at ease than I am with her living at Water’s Edge. The nurses, aides, cleaning crew, dietician, physical therapy, activity directors, concierge services could not be more loving, caring, professional, and uplifting. There are too many to name but you wonderful folks know I mean all of you. Though my adorable mother had COVID, Water’s Edge assisted her to recover, and she recently celebrated her 100th birthday in May. I now say “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” for all you do every day under these dire and draining conditions. I pray you all to stay well and hope to see you all one day.” – Barbara and George R.

“My mother is 94-years-old and has been a resident at Water’s Edge in Port Jefferson for three years now. I cannot say enough about this place. The staff at Water’s Edge are good, better, best, and excellent. In three years we have never come into contact with a staff member who was not wonderful. The quality of care and concern for the residents is wonderful. My mother has never complained, which is remarkable. She’s been to other rehabilitation centers over the years and never a day went by where she wasn’t asking to come home. At Water’s Edge, she’s thriving. She has been learning to paint, has crocheted scarves for most of the nursing and aid staff, and has even knit a baby sweater and blanket. I’m grateful to the staff and administration for making my mother’s stay here so positive.” – Josephine A.

“I picked Water’s Edge because I knew what to expect, I knew I’d be getting great care – I would never pick anywhere else.” – Charles M.

“I can’t believe how kind and caring all the staff are here. They make me feel like a person rather than a patient in a bed.” – Blair L.

“I came to the Water’s Edge for just a little bit of rehab because I was having a hard time getting around. Everyone was so great and so gentle with me. Physical therapy was outstanding; I learned so many things that I will continue to use at home. I can’t think of anyone who was better than the next, everyone was equally as great. I had no problems and am glad to have had this experience.” – M. Leiding

“Your community is filled with a wealth of great, kind, and supportive people. I had Warren as my therapist, and my whole family loves him; we intend to take him to dinner soon. Honestly, your team couldn’t have done their job any better.” – George B.

“I had the opportunity to make new friends, have a great roommate, and work with the best physical therapists ever. All of my nurses and aids were wonderful. I am so happy to be going home.” – Dorianne D.

“The care your team has provided has been outstanding. I never thought I’d receive such great care, but not only that, but I have also made so many friends. The rehab team has been excellent, and even the food was good! Your concierge always went above and beyond. I just can’t thank everyone enough for all they have done. It has been a wonderful experience. I am actually a little sad to be leaving.” – Desiree E.

“There are good and bad days, but it makes it easier to go through them when you are surrounded by such caring people. All of my aids and nurses have been nothing but great. The rehab team is so patient and understanding.” – D. Elliot

“I feel compelled to share my experience with Water’s Edge. When my mom had to go into rehab from the hospital, I did my research. The facility was in Port Jefferson, which was perfect for my dad and me to visit my mom every day. Russ, the P.T., and Rivka, the O.T., came in to evaluate my mom. After breakfast, Rachel and Maria, the activity staff, came in to let us know what they have to offer and to see what my mom would be interested in. That evening, Russ called my home to learn about my mom from us and not just what he read on a chart. I thought that was such great personal care… I felt very comfortable with my mom’s aid, Courtney, who was always moving around with a smile on her face. I do feel that a smile has healing power. The nurse, Kristen, would come around to give medication and was very nice and caring; she would take time for conversation. Even the food delivery staff member, Pierre, would make my mom feel so good by calling her by name and telling her she looked beautiful. Thank you all…” – Terry T.

“Thank you all for being so kind and caring to all your patients – you all work so hard, and it is not going unnoticed.” – Carol S.