Case Study: Water’s Edge Rehab & Nursing Center at Port Jefferson (January 2020)

Patient’s Name: Wulff Wolfgang
Patient’s Age: 86-years-old
Admission Date: 12/18/2019
Discharge Date: 01/06/2020
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 19 days
Reason for Stay: Hernia surgery, pneumonia.
How did this patient hear about Water’s Edge?: Patient was recommended by the hospital.

Details of Experience:
It was just an average day in the life for Mr. Wolfgang when then something appeared to be terribly wrong. Wulff began to feel very poor in health and made the decision that he needed to see a physician immediately for support. After careful examination, Mr. Wolfgang was told that he had a hernia and would need surgery right away to relieve his pain. Just a few days into his stay at the hospital, a recommendation was made that he should spend additional time at a subacute rehabilitation center before returning home. The goal of transferring to a skilled nursing and rehabilitation center would allow Wulff to continue building strength post-surgery and practice daily life skills to ensure he would be safe in returning home. With an unlimited amount of support from his dear wife, they decided Water’s Edge would be the place he would go to get where he wanted to be in his health.

On December 18th, Wulff was admitted to Water’s Edge Rehab and Nursing Center at Port Jefferson. He was greeted by a great number of our interdisciplinary team members who were expecting him. Mr. Wolfgang was immediately introduced to one of our highly-trained nurses, Anne, who made him feel right at home from the start. She thoroughly went over all the initial questions he had, providing comfort and ease at an uncertain time. Wulff was ready to get started on his journey back home. With supportive family and caregivers, Mr. Wolfgang was eager to get to work with our therapy team.

Upon admission, Wulff was only able to ambulate approximately 20 feet with assistance, as well as needing assistance with all daily living tasks. On his first day, he met his therapists, Rob and Nicole, who worked with him to create the perfect schedule and plan for his stay. He participated in therapy six days a week, consistently performing tasks that assisted in his ambulating skills, as well as his activities of daily living. He participated in many kinetic exercises, theraband resistive exercises, weight shift skills, transfer training and so much more. Mr. Wolfgang not only participated in his regular therapy 6 days a week but was also able to be a part of Group Therapy. Group Therapy, a combination of recreational therapy and traditional therapy, is a way to squeeze in a fun treatment while spending time with your peers.

A new year brought on renewed strength for Mr. Wolfgang. Upon discharge on January 6th, Wulf was now able to ambulate 250 feet and perform activities of daily life with minimal assistance!! Team Water’s Edge is so proud of Mr. Wolfgang and wishes him nothing but the best for all of 2020!