Case Study: Water’s Edge Rehab & Nursing Center at Port Jefferson (February 2021)

Patient’s Age: 88-years-old
Admission Date: 12/17/20
Discharge Date: 02/11/21
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 56 days
Reason for Stay: Left hip fracture
How did this patient hear about Water’s Edge Rehabilitation and Nursing Center? Hospital referral

Details of Experience:
Mrs. Perry enjoys her life at home with her loving husband and four cats. She has always enjoyed life’s simple pleasures like going for walks outside, knitting, or doing arts and crafts. One day, when she was leaning over to take care of her cats, she lost her balance and fell. Jeanne was transported to John T. Mather Hospital with a fractured hip, for the second time in just a short few months.

Mrs. Perry was recommended to go to a subacute rehabilitation center for physical therapy prior to returning home with her husband. After careful consideration, Mrs. Perry and her husband decided Water’s Edge was the perfect fit for their needs. Mrs. Perry arrived at Water’s Edge on the evening of December 17th, where she was greeted by our receptionist and admissions nurse. After being escorted to her room, Mrs. Perry was introduced to her nurse and aide that would be assisting her throughout the evening.

The next morning, Mrs. Perry was greeted by several of Water’s Edge’s interdisciplinary staff, who ensured she was having a comfortable stay. On day one, Mrs. Perry was also evaluated by her physical and occupational therapists who found that Mrs. Perry demonstrated excellent rehab potential because of a high prior level of function. She was also able to follow two-step directions, initiate to perform tasks, and has an incredible support system at home. Together, Jeanne and her therapists created a list of short and long-term goals to attain, while she stayed at Water’s Edge. Mrs. Perry was eager to be able to perform daily activities with the appropriate adaptive equipment, perform bed mobility tasks without the use of side-rails and safely transfer and ambulate, when necessary.

Mrs. Perry worked with her physical therapist, Danielle, daily on therapeutic resistance exercises, heel raises, hip abduction exercises, and gait training – all to facilitate independence in mobility tasks. She also worked with her occupational therapist, Nichole, daily on therapeutic graded exercises, resistive exercises, gross motor coordination techniques, standing balance training, and more to facilitate independence in self-care tasks. As the days went on, Mrs. Perry and her therapists worked harder and harder to meet her goals. Over the course of time at Water’s Edge, Mrs. Perry went from needing full-on assistance with her daily activities to just needing supervision or help with setting up.

During the time that Mrs. Perry did not spend in therapy, she enjoyed doing arts and crafts with the Recreation team or enjoying a cup of coffee with her roommate. As discharge day approached, Mrs. Perry was so excited to return home with her husband. She was so grateful to the team at Water’s Edge for ensuring she was going home more ready than ever.

Team Water’s Edge wishes Mrs. Perry and her husband a happy and healthy future ahead!