Case Study: Water’s Edge Rehab & Nursing Center at Port Jefferson (May 2021)

Concierge Director: Rachel Loevner
Patient’s Name: John O.
Patient’s Age: 93
Admission Date: 3/5/21
Discharge Date: 5/12/21
Discharged to: Home
Length of Stay: 68 days
Reason for Stay: Lumbar Discitis
How did this patient hear about Water’s Edge: The patient was recommended by St. Charles Hospital

Details of Experience:
John O’Brien was admitted to Water’s Edge Rehabilitation & Nursing Center at Port Jefferson after a short stay in St. Charles Hospital. During his stay at the hospital, John was diagnosed with lumbar discitis, an infection in the intervertebral disc space. After spending a few days at St. Charles Hospital, John was recommended to spend some time at a subacute rehabilitation center to help get him stronger before returning home.

On day one, John was evaluated by our team of therapists. His main goal was to be able to return home with his wife. Upon evaluation, John needed assistance with all his activities of daily life. He was unable to perform all his basic needs without the assistance of a team member there to help him. 

John worked with physical therapy daily on open kinetic exercises, resistance exercises, heel raises, and techniques to promote safety during all his activities. He worked with occupational therapy on bicep and triceps curls to increase strength for self-care tasks and coordination and balance techniques to facilitate functional task performance.

After approximately two months of working hard in therapy, John was just about ready to discharge. He went from needing complete assistance with everything to just needing a contact guard assistance and minimal assistance with all of his daily life activities.

John and his family were very pleased with his progress at Water’s Edge and very grateful for all that was done for him!

Water’s Edge wishes John all the best.